Sassicaia 1996

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By C4

Base of Neck

98 Points CellarTracker Member

Vertical tasting at Terroir Renaissance Sassicaia masterclass with Ian D’Agata. Had the pleasure to try 96 vintage along with 99, 01, 02, 04, 06 and 16, plus 5 different vintages of Guidalberto.
What’s in common are that all wines were in supreme condition as they were coming from the winery directly. All wines taste much younger than what the vintage appear to be.
96 was my favourite among all vintages, which was a little surprising given it was generally considered a cool, rainy vintage comparing to a stronger year say 99. However, the wine showed great tertiary notes of wet leaves, earth, toast with vibrant fruits of blackcurrant, red cherry and mulberry. The aroma was constantly evolving with every swirl. The flavours were fresh and lively on the palate. The tannins were silky but still provided great structure. The intensity was pronounced and very precisely well defined. The finish is very long and keep lingering. Comparing hotter and bigger year, such as 01, 02, I tend to enjoy the cooler vintage more as there’s an elegance behind the power and intensity of Sassicaia. A truly superb wine!
My top 3 of the night was 96, 06 and 99, followed by 16 which obviously requires a lot of years to reveal itself! (12/4/2021)

98 points Decanter

Am loving that tingle of tannins that I am now getting, just beautiful. The florality is heightened, with roses and redcurrant leaf, soft white truffles, and the most beautiful rolling tobacco. Supremely elegant, a masculine wine but one that is in full ‘holding open the door’ mode. A nose that keeps on opening up, pausing to allow you to catch up. We are in libraries, secret passages, you feel the history of the building in this wine. You feel that it is a testament to its time. Gorgeous, makes you smile with joy at how good great wine can be. 85% Cabernet Sauvignon, 15% Cabernet Franc. (JA) (2/2018)

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