Butterfly Original Boston Recipe Classic Absinthe 2016

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Butterfly Absinthe is an exact recreation of this popular pre-ban absinthe originally produced by P. Dempsey & Co in 1902. Boston was a center for domestic absinthe production, and the cultivation of wormwood throughout the northeast is well documented. What set the Boston style, and Butterfly in particular, apart from its European counterparts was the addition of mint and citrus zest, creating a distinct and refreshing profile. The brainchild of Absinthe aficionado Brian Fernald, the project began by diving into the historical record and personal archives of the Dempsey family. Armed with explicit details and an historically accurate recipe, Brian then went to find the best possible producer to aid in this recreation. He finally partnered with Claude-Alain Bugnon of La Clandestine Absinthe, one of Switzerland's finest distillers of the Artemisia Absinthium and began realizing his dream. The result is something absolutely unique and utterly delicious, a unique and expressive version of the green fairy that is made in Switzerland, but truly an example of what American absinthe would have tasted like 120 years ago.

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