Eric Bordelet, Sidre, Nouvelle Vague (5L Keg)

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NEW FORMAT: PERSONAL MINI BAR KEG (5L) [local pickup or delivery only]

Master cider maker Eric Bordelet's newest creation is this 5 liter cider in an aluminum keg he calls "Sidre Nouvelle Vague" or New Wave Cider.

It is refreshing and vibrant and always delicious to sip. Bordelet is the "terroirist" of ciders, as his ciders, like the best wines, are not just tasty but complex and expressive. Fresh, off-dry (but closer to dry) apple cider from his younger trees is fermented in a fresher style than his bottled ciders. Less skin maceration, makes for a more refreshing cider that will be even more versatile.

He makes them the traditional and natural way, fermenting only with wild yeasts and not adding sulfites. His ciders are made from several heritage varieties of apples growing in the limestone soils of his family's farm. Many of the apple trees are over one-hundred years old, with some over 300 years-old!


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