Bourillon Dorleans, Vouvray, Chenin Blanc, La Coulee d'Argent, Vieilles Vignes Sec 2001

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The Bourillon family has been making wine in Rochecorbon, located in the Vouvray appellation of the Loire Valley, for generations. The estate was founded as far back as 1875, but it was in 1921 when the estate, as it is today, was properly organized by Gaston Dorléans into Domaine Bourillon Dorléans.

Still very much a family affair, the estate is run by Gaston’s great grandson, Frédéric Bourillon, who has consolidated the family’s 26.5 hectares of vines and constructed a modern winery complex to produce exceptional Vouvray. The Bourillon family continues to make their wines using traditional wine making principles. The immaculate Rochecorbon vineyards are sustainably managed, and the winemakers use only the highest quality Chenin Blanc grapes for their wines. The grapes are hand harvested and are matured in the beautiful, 15th century troglodyte caves situated alongside the winery.

Vouvray Sec La Coulée d'Argent VV

Location: The cellars and vineyards are located in Rochecorbon, about 3 kilometers west of Vouvray. Most of the vineyards are in one piece surrounding the Chateau de Montgouverne, an attractive 18th century mansion on the plateau dominating the right bank of the Loire. The cellars are typical of Vouvray: 15th century caves or quarries, originally carved out of the limestone tufa hillside to provide stone for building the Chateaux of the Loire Valley.

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