Domaine du Nozay, Sancerre, Chateau du Nozay, blanc 2018

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Domaine du Nozay Sancerre “Chateau du Nozay”:

Cyril produces a separate cuvee from the estate’s oldest and best-exposed vines closest to the chateau itself. As of 2016, the vines for the “Chateau du Nozay” are 45 years old, and while the wine possesses the same almost Chablis-like carriage as the “Domaine” bottling, the intensity and depth are noticeably ratcheted up here. While it’s still lean and punchy, the vines’ diet of more sun and deeper subsoils reveals itself in a glimmer of glycerol succulence on the mid-palate and a rounder, longer finish. A certain density that still avoids any sense of heaviness suggests the possibility of interesting cellar development, and for those inclined to allow the Sauvignon’s youthful exuberance to subside and let the limestone shine through, this will prove a very rewarding purchase. The production here is barely five percent of that of the “Domaine” Sancerre, so available quantities are scant.

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