Domaine Julien, Nuits St. Georges, Aux Saint-Juliens 2015

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An important and up & coming Domaine many in the UK and US trade are saying to keep an eye on before their prices get impacted by demand.

Very Good+ (90 – 91p) Steen Öhman, Winehog

Nuits-Saint-Georges Aux Saints-Juliens – not named after the estate but after an old Chapel that was located in the northern part of Nuits-Saint-Georges – below the Combe leading towards Vergy. This is a very interesting terroir that produces a very playful and vibrant NSG village. The nose offer variations of red and dark berries – very fine playful energy and minerality. On the palate very juicy fruit – fine energetic notes of pomegranate – interesting lively minerality. A cool wine – presumably this has benefited from the cool air from the Combe just like Aux Thorey and Aux Bouselotts higher up the sloape. Very Good+ (90 – 91p).

Visit Domaine Julien – tasting of the 2015s from cask

By Steen Öhman March 4, 2017

The estate Gérard Julien

Étienne Julien is a funny and cheerful young vigneron in his mid twenties .. sharp and with a great sense of humor. He is however – make no mistake – serious about his wines and very serious about the quality made at the estate. This is – like most other estates – an old family estate, and Étiennes first vintage was 2012 – so impressive progress already.

I have tasted both the 2014s and the 2015s and I must say that quality is quite impressive already – and the style is very invigorating and enjoyable both in 2014 and 2015 – as he has managed to keep both the freshness and house style in the powerful and concentrated 2015 vintage.

It is often problematic to compare style and qualities between estates – I do however find that Etienne’s wines have the same joie de vivre effortlessness as the wines from his friend Maxime Cheurlin – not to compare the wines of the two estates otherwise.

I do however think that this juicy effortlessness is an extremely important quality – that makes me want to enjoy these wines … and also means that even the wines from lesser terroirs bring so much pleasure and hedonistic gratification.

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