Zero Infinito (Pojer e Sandri), Organic Sparkling Wine

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This sparkling wine belongs in the category dubbed "Col Fonda" in Italy as its secondary fermentation takes place mostly in tank before being transferred to the bottle where it finishes and then deposits a bit of sediment.

Zero Infinito is a Vino Frizzante, the is mildly "fizzy".

The color is straw yellow with moderately aromatic and floral: with notes reminiscent of elderberry and mountain flowers. The fruit might remind you of golden apples, pear, apricot, peach, with some tropical tones. On the palate the wine is fresh, with a juicy aspect, while many of the elements detected on the nose are confirmed with the palate. Refreshing it's an idea aperitif drink with friends and family. We enjoy this wine with various salumi.

Most people will want to pour the wine carefully off its sediment by decanting the bottle, but the seriously adventuresome will shake the wine in the bottle to enjoy the yeasty notes and its old-fashioned rusticity. Certified Organic Wine made from grapes grown without synthetic pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides in the vineyard. Certified in the country of origin.

Tasting Notes

This is a delicious, accessible Pét-Nat that you can sip before, during and after a meal. Aromatic on the palate, luscious all-around with a sparkling nature that's reminiscent of a cider or beer. Made from the Solaris grape.

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