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🚨 limits apply



REGION --- FLAT RATE ---- Minimum Order Value

  • WESTERN ZONE - $30.00 FLAT | $500 - $999 (6 btl. limit)
  • WESTERN ZONE - $45.00 FLAT | $1000.00+ (12 btl. limit)

  • CENTRAL ZONE - $45.00 FLAT | $250 - $999 (6 btl. limit)
  • CENTRAL ZONE - $55.00 FLAT | $1000.00+ (12 btl. limit)

  • EASTERN ZONE - $60.00 FLAT | $300 - $999 (6btl. limit)
  • EASTERN ZONE - $55.00 FLAT | $1000.00+ (6btl. limit)

  • LIMITS APPLY - read carefully
  • Qualifying Minimum Order Limits will see rates at checkout
  • Combine orders to reach maximum bottle quantity, order placements limited to promo period.
  • Rates & Ranges subject to change without notice
  • Maximum quantities apply under promo pricing.
  • Large Format (1.5L + ), Local Delivery, Original Wooden Case shipping do not qualify under promo.
  • Buyer must take shipment within 30 days of order. Longer holds will not qualify for promo rates.
  • Ground Services ship once per week on Mondays.
  • Tax Exempt Sales are barred under promo.


The Small Print Everyone Should Read 🧐


Do you offer automated ship rate calculation?

Yes. UPS calculated rates are ESTIMATES ONLY.

Actual shipping rate may vary. Orders may be subject to additional fees (example: special packing requirements, additional insurance). We will email you a supplemental payment link for amount due as applicable.

  • Our products are packed in carrier approved shipping containers.
  • Street addresses and phone numbers are required for all shipments.
  • We cannot deliver to Post Office boxes.
  • Check with your local UPS office to see if they will accept Adult Signature Requred Shipments.
  • Pallet shipping options are available - inquire for details
What is the shipping schedule?

Buyers are responsible for placing order in a timely manner to accomodate their desired delivery window.

Ground Service | ships Monday - Tuesday for the prior week’s order. Expect 5-7+ transit days. CA addresses tyically receive orders sooner.

2DAY Service | ships Monday - Wednesday. [$100 min order applies]

NextDay Service | ships Monday-Thursday. [$100 min order applies]

Requirements: order placed at least 24 hours in advance of intended ship date. Prompt payment of NextDay or 2DAY invoices by 10:00am PDT prior to ship date to ensure timely processing.

Do you offer promotional shipping rates?

From time-to-time we offer promotional Ground Shipping Rates. Any current promo offers will post on this page.

Do you offer Shipping Insurance?

Basic carrier provided coverage is $100 value per package. Additional coverage is available and invoiced separately upon request.

Additional Coverage Schedule

  • $1000 insured value | + $20.00
  • $2000 insured value | + $40.00
  • $3000 insured value | + $60.00

The maximum insurable coverage is $3000 value per package. We may advise certain orders be divided into multiple boxes to secure full insurance coverage.

Is International shipping available?


Chapter 4 ships international packages via UPS.

We do not ship into Customs Bond accounts.

Shipping cost includes a protective shipping box, U.S. customs forms, insurance and carrier charges to the destination. It does NOT include any taxes or duties that may be assessed by and payable to the local authorities at the destination or any additional fees charged by UPS for the administration of taxes and duties.

Who do you ship with?

Our preferred service provider is UPS, both domestically and internationally. When available, consolidated shipments utilizing temperature controled LTL (Less-Than-truckLoad) services are used for long-haul destinations.

FedEx SAMEDAY is our local delivery service.

FedEx package carrier services are available for addresses in CA. This service has a premium fee included if requested by sender.

We DO NOT Ship To...

We cannot deliver to Post Office boxes.

Neither UPS nor FedEx will deliver to the other's offices.

We cannot deliver to certain US States: Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, and Utah.

This list may be revised periodically in conformity with changes to State law.

We reserve the right to cancel an order if we are unable to secure delivery to an address provided.

What happens if shipment is not delivered?

Buyers are responsible for placing order in a timely manner to accomodate their desired delivery window. We reserve 24-48 hours to prepare certain shipments.

Failed Delivery orders returned to a third party service provider’s facility may be subject to additional storage and/or shipping charges.

Orders at a service provider’s facility must be forwarded within 20 days or may be declared abandoned and destroyed by the third party service provider.

Such facilities are not considered short term storage solutions.

Is Adult Signature required at time of delivery?


Shipping alcohol in the USA requires adult signature at time of delivery. It is incumbent upon the buyer to ensure an adult above the age of 21 will sign for the receipt of shipment. Chapter 4 is not responsible for delivery if an adult is not able to sign for receipt of shipment.

See "What happens if shipment is not delivered" for supplemental advisements.

What is the most economical quantity to ship?

6 standard bottles or 12 standard bottles are the most cost efficient.

Can orders be subject to "Adverse Event" holds?

Any order is subject to adverse event holds. The following examples are not exhaustive:

Buyers are responsible for placing order in a timely manner to accomodate their desired delivery window.

Refunds are not offered for delayed delivery by carriers (FedEx, UPS, or other regional carriers). COVID-19 continues to impact transit times nationwide.


Perishable products may require overnight shipping to optimize your order’s safety.

We determine Adverse Weather Holds on the advisements of our service providers. In such instances orders held back free up to 30 days until secure and safe shipping is possible.

Transit times and delivery dates are estimates only. Continued impacts related to COVID-19 are resulting in nationwide transit delays and carriers (FedEx, UPS, LSO) are not refunding if delivery is delayed. It’s important to monitor the transit of your shipment on the carrier’s website using the tracking number from your account or in the email you receive on your ship date. Please plan on extended transit times and schedule accordingly.

Any order is subject to a covid or illness hold in the event that Chapter 4 or third party transportation service is unable to deliver services, either temporary or long-term. The nature of such holds are unpredictable and prior notice given to our public is not required. Individuals impacted will be notified if an order is under an Adverse Event Hold.

Do you offer local delivery service?

This service requires 24-48 hr advance order placement in order to schedule.


  • Limited to 40 mi radius from store.
  • 48 hours minimum required to schedule delivery with FedEX
  • Rush Fees are extra (between $8-$12)
  • Maximum 12 standard bottle limit.
  • See rate at check out.


  • Contact us if you wish expedited delivery times (premium rates apply).
  • Tracking number provided.
  • Standard Service delivers by 8:00pm.
  • Adult Signature Required, must be 21+ with a Government issued identification present at time of delivery.
  • You may be required to provide actual card used to verify purchase.
What happens to abandoned orders?

An order will be deemed abandoned if point of contact is unresponsive to Chapter 4 correspondence, including pick up request or unpaid shipping invoices after 45 days from purchase date. Chapter 4 reserves the sole right to determine if an order has been abandoned or if a buyer remains unresponsive to correspondence. Chapter 4 reserves the right to charge $10.00 monthly storage for each order not shipped or picked up after 60 days from date of sale.

Unpaid Shipping Invoices

Unpaid supplemental shipping invoices will be honored for up to 14 days from issuance. Chapter 4 reserves the right to void any unpaid invoice after 14 days and reissue the invoice at prevailing rates, fuel surcharges, or any carrier issued fees not accounted for in the initial invoice.

Orders are held until invoice is settled. Other conditions may apply.

Can I cancel my order?

We completely get it, we change our minds too! While we wish could, unlike most consumer goods our alcohol license has restrictions. These restrictions are different from those governing restaurants and wineries.

Once an order is shipped, we are unable to alter or cancel it. Shipping alcohol requires a state issued license. Common carriers will confiscate alcohol shipments from unlicensed parties.

If you are able to return a purchase to our store in person please contact us before hand for approval. Condititons apply.

See link in Footer below for condition details regarding Exchanges, Returns & Cancellations.

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