Osawa Prestige Collection, Hawke's Bay, Chardonnay 2014

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By C4

Yes, I know this is a Kiwi bottle…but hear me out. This is a thoroughly enjoyable wine on par with any domestic Chardonnay under $50 - easily. The quality is very high and we’ve turned on several buyers to this bottle, but we usually stock it in our LATEST OFFERS section, and so it might not have been seen by some of our clients. I’m moving some of our inventory to the CALIFORNIA ONLY section to bring this excellent bottle to your considered attention. You will not be disappointed at this price point!

Cameron Douglas, Master Sommelier

Significant bouquet with power and richness engaging all the senses; Not mistaking ripeness of fruit combined with French oak creating a synergy that it "classic" New World Chardonnay and Hawke's Bay; toasty, creamy and fruity with baked yellow stone fruit, red apple and vanilla scents; great balance and length.


  • Gold – Hong Kong International Wine and Spirit 2015

  • Silver – Air New Zealand Wine Show 2015

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