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What can be done with a Customer Account

You may create multiple (business & personal) accounts, just use different email addresses to distinguish them.

Here is an outline of what can be done or requested for your account type:

  • Log-in using email & password
  • Review order status
  • Access order history
  • Save preferred use addresses
  • Store encrypted payment methods
  • Request: Tax Exempt status. Requires application & licensing review approval.

Customer Accounts allow us to better communicate with your preferences through segmentation. For example: do you wish to receive communications related to special events or certain product promotions. Over time we can better serve you through account profiles.

I cannot access my account

If you have an account, but are unable to access it try the following:

  • password reset
  • check if email used matches your prior account

We upgraded our platform in January 2023. Because of this change we are unable to port over prior purchase history and your encrypted payment billing information.

If prior account holders require their purchase history please contact us for that information.

Can Chapter 4 access my account?

Yes. However there are two important areas where we do not have access due to encryption:

  • password
  • payment type
Is Tax Exempt status possible?


Trade buyers can apply for a tax exempt status. Requires application and review for status approval.

Once approved, sales purchased through that account will have taxes withheld from totals. Payment and shipping will proceed as usual.

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