Equipo NAVAZOS, Montilla-Moriles, La Bota de Amontillado No. 117 "Navazos"

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(17.5% alc.)

Amontillado constitutes a vital part of Equipo Navazos’ history: the “La Bota” lineage began with an amontillado in 2005, and they have bottled an additional five “Navazos”-designated amontillados since then—including this, the first in the series to hail from Montilla-Moriles.

In their words, a “Navazos”-designated amontillado must “represent the ideal balance between complexity and freshness that in our opinion makes amontillado the king of wines.” La Bota #117 comprises casks of Pedro Ximénez from the Altos de Moriles zone which began life at a prestigious bodega in Lucena—first long-aged as a fino then briefly as an amontillado—and which were thereafter refined and finished at the Pérez Barquero estate.

With an average wine age of over 20 years, #117 is palate-commandingly intense and layered, yet with a sense of brightness and delicacy—partly a result of its modest-for-the-category alcohol level of 18%, derived through the slow oxidation and concentration of its unfortified component wines. Bottled October 2022; 3,200 bottles produced.


Presented under T-cork as most Amontillado are grants the owner repeated serving opportunities without fear of further oxidation. Pouring the initial glass filled the immediate area with exotic aromas of toasted almonds, walnuts, caramel candy. My approach to service is refrigerator cool and allow the temperature to rise over the course of enjoyment. You're only pouring an ounce or two with the idea of savoring it over 30 minutes or so...then top off. The attack is an electrifying jolt salty acidity, finishinging savory. This is why I love sherry so much - no other wine delivers this lazer like experience. Toasty walnuts, savory and saline continue through the finish, its hangs on for minutes - you'll take another draw before the flavors dissipate it's that good. The balance is amazingly delicate for the concentration delivered. The heat is deceptively background noise...you wouldn't realize it until about the third glass!

I've been enjoying this over a week+ . T-cork allows for convenient countertop or refrigerator stowage. It would easily last a month after opening under cool storage.

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