The Durand - Vintage Cork Remover

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If you buy the sort of wines we stock at Chap 4, then this is a MUST HAVE item, here’s why…

A cork 20+ years old is entering a phase of softening and possibly even bonding to the glass thereby making extraction a tricky endeavor. At 30+ years the risk of extraction failure is greatly increased due in part to the last 3-5mm of cork (the end in contact with alcohol) becoming increasingly fragile. The neck of a bottle isn’t a perfect cylinder, it has a slight widening as the neck descends. A cork’s successful seal relies upon its expansion against the glass to keep contents from excessive oxidation. Accordingly the cork is wider at the point of wine contact than it is at the top. During the extraction process we are pulling a fragile cork end through a narrower channel than which it has expanded. This is the point at which most corks break using conventional single worm openers. This is where the Durand excels as it is a combination of two openers in one: a worm to secure the cork and a double prong grip to ease the cork away from the glass surface.

After 25+ years of Macgyvering upwards of 2-3 separate openers to safely and securely extract fragile old and rare corks I was absolutely besides myself when this product came out. When we started this business I swore this was going to be our first non-wine item offered. Consider me a devoted champion of this stellar opener.

Literally the only indispensable wine tool I have ever owned…next to fine glassware.

- Scott Torrence, Chief Puller of Ancient Corks